Ignorance is a bliss — is it?

“Ignorance is a bliss”. Indeed, not knowing something buys you peace of mind. When I kicked off my higher education studies in International Relations (IR) and Economics not long ago I thought there might come the day I would probably share sir Thomas Gray’s line. However, I didn’t mind, and before I knew it I had already evolved into a wonk and would gobble up any book my hands — and shallow pocket, the only thing which hasn’t changed much :`) — could reach: from Hans Morgenthau and other IR trailblazers’ masterpieces to Khan Academy’s elementary course on economics. All that reading has definitely made me a better, mindful (and short-sighted) citizen, but one that can’t help but fear the spill-outs of a corruption-poisoned, inflation-ridden country like mine; one that weeps for Syria (that’s what happens when power-thirsty countries want to dragoon others into abiding by their own ideals and institutions -.- ); one that dreads the looming nuclear conflict. So I guess I should just blame it all on the books. Should I not?

An International Relations degree holder; a language, history and economics aficionado; and a soon-to-be Economist who sees writing a thought-untangling act.

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