The agricultural Brazil and its worldwide importance¹

Adilson S. Proença
2 min readMar 21, 2021
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The average Brazilian farmer plays an invaluable role at a worldwide level. His/her labour nourishes one and a half billion people and it’s forcast that within the next thirty years global food demand should spike by 50%.

Brazil helps feeding the world out of its sustainable agriculture. The national production employs less than a third of its territory (the world’s 5th largest) as it preserves 68% of its native bush; pesticides are administered on less than 8% of its arable fields while almost all of its packaging material gets recycled, which makes Brazil the top-ranking country on the Pesticide Packaging Recycling Ranking.

Brazil helps feeding the world efficiently. The national production has skyrocketed a jaw-dropping 382% over the last forty years and all the while the country has managed to limit the expansion of its arable lands to only one third mostly thanks to innovation and cuttting-edge technology.

Brazil helps feeding the world while it produces wealth. The Brazilian agriculture employs over 18 million people. That is 20% of the Brazilain Workforce producing 25% of all the country’s wealth.

The agribusiness participation in Brazil’s GDP²


¹ This text was mostly transcribed from a video produced by Stoller_Brasil.

² analyst — Adilson Santos de Proença (data sourced from ESALQ/USP)



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