Uphill Momentum: Brazil’s current macroeconomic stage — part II

  1. Gross Domestic Product (Potential vs. Effective) and the Real Business Cycle theory
The RBC theory depicts how an economy tends to behave throughout the long-term
Real Business Cycle
Actual figures: RBC in developing and developed economies
Brazil’s five-year long Business Cycle.
The Production Possibility Curve (PCC)
Production Possibility Curve & Real Business Cycle
Entrepreneurial Investments allow for the expantion of Potential GDP
Real GDP & Investment growth in a sixteen-year span (forecast included)
World Outlook Report (October, 2019), International Monetary Fund (IMF)



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Adilson S. Proença

Adilson S. Proença

An International Relations degree holder; a language, history and economics aficionado; and a soon-to-be Economist who sees writing a thought-untangling act.