Why an Iran-United States war is unlikely and what’s next for the 2015 nuclear deal

“I want to say that the Brazilian people does not aggree with the US’ president’ opinion”
Mosaddegh (left), Pahlavi (center), Khomeini (right)
Iranian bodies floating at sea after US bombing of Flight 655, in the late 1980s (left). Two americans made hostages during the 1979 diplomatic standoff (right).
The brokers of the 2015 nuclear deal
Economic growth has been constrained by sanctions: Iran’s economy was badly affected for severl years by sanctions imposed by the international community over the country’s nuclear programme



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Adilson S. Proença

Adilson S. Proença

An International Relations degree holder; a language, history and economics aficionado; and a soon-to-be Economist who sees writing a thought-untangling act.